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Any Trouble? The Public Reception can help you.

For more than a month the Public Reception for the consumers’ rights protection has been working in the St. Petersburg Chamber of Real Estate.

Though not everyone knows about that. For example, yesterday the correspondent of “Reklama-Shans” witnessed the woman who was very excited with her wish to talk about her problem with Alexey Sergeyev, the Vice-Governor, who had come to get acquainted with the work of the exhibition-seminar “Housing Project”.

Considering the treatments of citizens it can be clearly seen what the potential accommodation buyers’ strongest concerns is. Most people applied to the Public Reception have a great concern about relationships with developers.

Trying to save money and making out a deal on their own or turn to a doubtful expert some people face various problems as well. There are also some issues concerning the examination of contracts with the agent.

Where do the problems come from? It often happens that the buyer of a new apartment who works in a large-Retailing Company comes to make out a contract to purchase together with “his” lawyer, arguing that he had a long and successful working in the firm. However, the contract approved by such persons may subsequently lead to conflict.

Here’s the opinion of Nikolay Atenyayev, the director of the LLC “Smart Lawyers Company”, the head of the Public reception of Consumer Protection St. Petersburg Chamber of Real Estate.

The fact is that lawyers as well as specialists in any other field of activity can be divided into several groups. Some are engaged in financial and economic issues while others deal with the tax and customs, and the rest are doing with the challenges of real estate.  So if you come to the builders with a lawyer who has extensive work experience in the field of trade you can get into trouble. There is also another problem, Nikolay Atenyayev said.

That lawyer would prove their worth and in case of conflict with the construction company he   immediately advises to write a letter to the court. But this is a dead end, says N. Atenyaev.

It would be more profitable and faster if you can resolve the issue in the pretrial order with the help of so-called networking-negotiation.