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February 2011

In February 2011 two settlement agreements with the creditor, LLC “Baltimor-Krasnodar” have been approved with the direct assistance of the Smart Lawyers Company’s lawyers as well as 15th Arbitration Appeal Court and the 13th Arbitration Appeal Court. As a result the lender has been returned more than 10 million rubles. (initially, the lender at the debtor’s obligation was  JSC “Baltimor-Neva”). According to the available information, other creditors of JSC “Baltimor-Neva” were currently expected to meet the financial and other requirements which were in the register of creditors’ claims.

This result suggests that our company’s specialists have an unconventional approach to the issue of return of receivables by reviewing the debtor’s financial condition and offering to take a decision that could give a real result.