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Opening the Public Reception for the Protection of Consumer Rights in Real Estate

The St. Petersburg Chamber of Real Estate can help citizens

New service is provided by the St. Petersburg Chamber of Real Estate. Any citizen of St. Petersburg can get access to legal advice at any stage of the real estate transaction for free. It’s quite enough just to call to the management of the St. Petersburg Chamber and register for the consultation in the Public Reception.

The Public Reception for the protection of consumer rights in real estate has officially been opened on September 25 within the exhibition “Housing Project” in the Ice Palace. The lawyers have consulted citizens for free on any matter related to the purchase, sale or rental of housing. During 2 days more than 60 residents addressed to the reception for help.

“Smart Lawyers Company’s” partners, lawyers as well, noted that the most part of the questions was connected with the primary housing market.

“In the first place they put the number of requests concerning the joint construction, – says Nikolay Atenyayev, the “Smart Lawyers Company’s” Director General. – In the second place there are questions about participation in government housing programs. Many St. Petersburg’s residents live in communal apartments so resettlement issues are quite hot nowadays. There have also been consultations with real estate agencies. So we made the list of the most pressing issues of St. Petersburg’s residents.”

It is important to note that these consultations are for free at any stage of the transaction.

“For example, sometimes it happens that a client have some doubts if the contract is correct or he/she  simply does not know much about the stages of the deal so wants to make sure that everything is fine that’s why he/she tends to turn to the St. Petersburg Chamber of Real Estate for help. This may reduce the number of mistakes that can be made by agency as well as by the potential customer”, – Sergey Ryzhov, the executive director of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Real Estate explained.

The Public Reception is a constant chamber service that is available to every resident of St. Petersburg. The scheme of its work is quite simple.

If you wish to receive an advice or consultation you should call to the St. Petersburg Chamber of Real Estate, tel. (812) 329-49-80 and to explain briefly  the essence of your problem and the most convenient time for meeting.

After that the exact time of consultation will be appointed. You can turn to the reception for help only in case you have some issues related to residential real estate.

All services are provided for free.