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Subscriber's legal service

Any modern business requires professional legal support.

The range of legal issues is so wide that there is a need for an integrated legal support. We have a staff of lawyers specializing in various branches of law. They are ready to help you to settle the issues of any complexity.

Our company offers cooperation and provides the following services:

  • Maintenance with information-consulting services and materials on various fields of law, application of the legislation in commercial activity, business operation;
  • Complex conducting of contractual work of the organization (including leases, construction contracts, supplies, design relationships with employees);
  • Preparation, the analysis and the coordination of legal documents (reports of disagreements, certificates, agreements, letters, and applications). As well as the participation in negotiations with counterparts;
  • Participation in pre-judicial settlement of disputes;
  • Representation and business management in Arbitration and Courts of the general jurisdiction;
  • Representation in the Public Authorities including the Department of the shareholders’ rights protection  at the Committee on construction of St.-Petersburg, support at tax checks;
  • Representation the interests of self-regulatory organizations’ interests (building, the design), the obtaining of admission to the kinds of work;
  • Legal support at execution and registration of transactions particularly with the real estate;
  • Registration, reorganization, re-registration and liquidation (bankruptcy) of enterprises of any patterns of ownership, arbitration managing director’s  services;
  • Development programs of collecting of the debts and support at their realization up to an instant of funds reception with the application of the institution of bankruptcy;
  • Optimization of the system of material costs (in particular the choice of optimal taxation schemes);
  • Consultations on the tax law, as well as on accounting.

This list of services is not settling.

The experience in business support as well as the established system of interaction with public authorities helps our clients to make the realization of the most complex projects real. Experts of the company are ready to render the qualified legal assistance to everyone whose wish is to minimize business-risks, and also to those who need legal advice or a counsel in the court.

There is a list of companies cooperating with us on a contractual basis:

Joint Stock Company «ARE-Sankt-Petersburg», LLC

«Firma Master-Print», LLC «КD Print», Joint-Stock Company «Aveks», LLC «Altair», LLC «SVS», LLC «EnergoRemont», LLC «PoligraphSpektr», LLC «Mir Poligraphii «Maksimus», Joint Stock Company «Bals», LLC «SoyuzTransLogistika», LLC «Nevskiy Torgovy Soyuz», Homeowners Associations, as well as other companies.

Cooperating with our company:

YOU SAVE: you have the right to carry the cost of our services on expenses at calculation of taxable profit.

YOU RECEIVE: the staff of the lawyers specializing in different fields of law. They are always ready to render the support you need without breaks on vacation. Besides hands-on experience our lawyers have the experience of teaching legal disciplines. They are authors of articles in special-purpose editions. You can learn more about the actions of proceeding with participation of our company on the site of Arbitration court.

  • Providing information and advisory services and materials on the various branches of law
  • Integrated Management of the contract work of the organization
  • Assistance in tax audits
  • Development of the programs to collect debts and support for their implementation prior to the receipt of funds with the institution of bankruptcy.