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Statistics of citizens in Public Reception

Public Reception of Consumer Protection for real estate made a rating of the most pressing issues.

The St. Petersburg Chamber of real estate reported on the newly created public reception for the protection of consumer rights in real estate.

About 100 people have been consulted by the lawyers of SPC of Real Estate. And the rating of the most pressing issues concerning market’s clients has been made.

The outcome of the Reception’s work has been summed up on October 28 in Press Club of St. Petersburg Chamber of Real Estate that was held within the exhibition named “Housing Project”. The project’s sponsor appeared to be “Bulletin of Real Estate” organization.

Anatoly Kosterev, the member of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, has spoken on the conference. He supported the establishment of free public reception and promised to give all kinds of information support to it.

“Public Reception is particularly important for elder people who were actually grown up in another state and who have never been engaged into increasing their legal literacy”, Anatoly Kosterev said.

Dmitry Schegelsky, the president of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Real Estate said that free consultations are able not only to help with reducing the consumer’s risks but also with increase the market transparency. Thanks to them, the principle of feedback when professionals learn about the problems and needs of citizens in advance works as well.

According to Nikolay Atenyayev’s opinion, the head of the Public Office, the director of law firm “Smart Lawyers Company”, the consumer problems are being successfully addressed in the pretrial order. This is important because the courts usually take away people’s time and efforts, and eventually even a positive decision is not properly executed in practice.  Nikolay Atenyayev also informed us about what kind of questions people usually turn to the public reception. So, first place is occupied by the problems associated with the purchase of housing in the primary market, i.e. double and triple sales, increase of cost per square meter after the conclusion of the contract, the poor quality of construction.

“The problems in the primary housing market really exist. Every 10th out of 230 under construction building hasn’t been finished yet. In addition, the federal law 214 current on the market doesn’t really protect shareholders. The fact that the company is working on this law, does not guarantee successful completion of construction “, Paul Sozinov, the Chairman of the Northwest Chamber of Real Estate stated.

Individuals face problems because of private brokers. Anastasiya Kazanskaya, the director of a real estate agency named “AmirA-N”, informed that the agent of well-known company addressed her recently. He told that he would not conduct the transaction through the firm. Other agents involved in the transaction chain, also wanted to work around the company. “I was shocked so I refused to deal with such professionals. Moreover, they are actually stealing money from their agency, and also put in danger the consumer who may lose their property”, Anastasiya Kazanskaya said.

According to Nikolay Atenyayev’s words, citizens seldom face problems when they deal with agency. “Well, some visitors have had the public reception conflict with the agencies, but in most cases they were to blame themselves. For example, the firm properly performed some work, but the client suddenly changed his/her mind and does not want to pay for it,”- explained the lawyer. However, agencies could avoid such situations, if they drew up more detailed contracts with the provided services. And they could also issue the interim certificates according to performed work, Nikolay Atenyayev assumed.

Olga Balayeva, the director of “The Agency “Nord “, supposes that thanks to the Public Reception people finally start looking for assistance from lawyers, instead of relying on their own quite modest experience. She also noted that having read several articles in journals, some customers try to teach an agent how to work. As a result, the transaction is delayed and they have to do a lot of unnecessary procedures.

Vitaly Staroverov, the director of Real Estate Agency, named “Algorithm”, agreed with her saying that: “Although we have much information in the media about how to conduct a transaction, I would not advise people to rely on themselves.

Nowadays the market is complex, and transactions are chains where mortgage loans, public housing programs are involved. The maximum that the client can is to find a buyer or a seller but the transaction itself must necessarily be trusted to professionals”.