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Who is afraid of relatives’ debt

Collective rent responsibility does not always occur

That’s great when you are debt-free in New Year’s Eve, but not everyone is successful about that. According to the Housing Committee, the total debt for utility services in St. Petersburg is about 4 billion rubles. But what to do if you are registered in the apartment of relatives who do not pay for it?

Some debtors believe that everyone who is registered in the apartment has the responsibility for the payment equally. And they hope to share the burden of debt with the relatives who have moved to another city long ago.

In fact, it’s not that simple. If your relative is the owner of housing, no one would force you to pay a portion of his/her debt.

Only those who are registered in the apartments belonging to the city may worry about the “Fathers’ debt».

So everyone would pay in order to avoid eviction. It will not take long if the case goes to court. But even if you have received the decision to evict from the court, you can pay off your debt and stay in their home within 7 days.